Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bill Murray is Alive!

Finally. My solo songwriting project is a tangible reality (almost!)

Thanks to some eager friends and supporters as well as a well-timed tax return, I have amassed the funds and materials necessary to distribute the music into which I channelled so much of my energy, time, and emotion. I am proud of my work, despite any flaws in quality or performance, because each of these tracks is special to me. I hope that others will find similar merits in my work.

The album, titled Bill Murray EP, consists of the following tracks:
  1. Hey Mary  1:37
  2. Stutter Sickly   3:35
  3. Box Springs and Quiet Dreams  4:02
  4. I'm Afraid to Love You   2:32
I know it's short, but I do feel that each of these songs is worth your time.

The mp3s are available for purchase here. 
They will also be on iTunes and available for streaming on Spotify shortly.

For those of you interested in hard copies (CDs) more info will be available in my next post. I'd like to hear your feedback and don't be afraid to contact me with your questions. 

Also, here's an old cover I did of "Tonight You Belong to Me." It's a tad quiet though and didn't quite make the cut for the EP.

Thanks for your support,
Andy Marin

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